Windows 7 on a Mac with Parallels Desktop 4.0

Good news if you are a Mac User, you too can run Windows 7.  Using Parallels 4.0 Windows 7 runs mostly ok.  There are a few pesky issues, but you didn’t want sound did you herunterladen?

So Here are some of the issues you will face.

Windows 7 x86_64 installation media cannot be automatically detected.

– No sound support whatsapp audio herunterladen iphone.

– The virtual machine screen stops being redrawn if the Windows Energy screensaver is run.

So you will want to disable the Screen Saver, and Power Saving Modes apk herunterladen seriös.


And I don’t have a work around for the No Sound Thing.  Sorry adobe reader kostenlos herunterladen für windows 7.