LeVar Burton Interviews Robert Scoble, and then Seduces Sarah Austin with his dark powers

At the Atomic Test Museum in Las Vegas, LeVar Burton was doing a Scoble style Interview via a Flip HD Camera.  LeVar who is known for his roles in Reading Rainbow, Roots, and Star Trek the Next Generation, quickly figured out the small piece of tech which is much simpler than the insides of Data’s Head, but Robert’s bad habit of shooting at close range in bad lighting, with a noisey set, and no edits quickly rubbed off on LeVar. 

LeVar Burton Interviews Robert Scobel

We lose another great film maker to the world of Pocket tech.  The menace that is Robert Scoble must be stopped.

Robert’s Corrupting Influence, was so great, that it lured the Sexy Sarah Austin, over to his dark side only moments later.

Sarah Austin and Robert Scoble