NVidia Shows off Truly Amazing 3d Glasses for $199 with caveats

Nvidia Shows off its truly Amazing Latest revision of its LCD Flicker Glasses.  Designed to work at 120 hz or 60hz per eye, you get a true 3d Image with depth perception appsen iphone.

For Gaming this is really cool.  I have been hoping that since more and more TV’s are “3d ready” that we will start to see this kind of tech rolled in to Xbox 360.  But certainly this is the best argument for running the Home Theatre PC as a Gaming System.  A higher end, HTPC or a Notebook attached to your “Big A$$” TV like the HP HDX, and you would be good to go android foto herunterladen.


This and a HP Fire Bird with “Voodoo DNA” would be one Helluva gaming rig for under $2k all in chrome voor pc downloaden.