Samsung Media Player With Built In DLP Projector

Jake demonstrates his usefulness as a Portable Projection Screen.  Samsung shows off their Portable Media Player with Built in DLP Projector.  Kids have never had it so easy, you could stay up late and watch movies on the ceiling of your room with one of these.

The image quality was surprisingly good, for being half VGA, and the focus seemed to be easy to manage.  In most cases you could maintain good focus at any distance.  There is no Key Stone Correction, and there are some limits on how large you can go and maintain brightness, but for the most part the Samsung Mediaplayer with DLP Projector was pretty cool.  This is the same technology that was originally going to be the display for the one lap top per child PC, but the price point was/is too high free youtube mp3 converter download kostenlos deutsch 2012. Small projector reviews from give you a chance to make good choices.



LAS VEGAS -Today at the International Consumer Electronics Show – CES – Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN) DLP® Products will demonstrate a range of new category products based on the ultra-tiny DLP Pico™ Chipset, delivering mobile projector solutions for road warriors and consumers across the globe. With production of the DLP Pico™ chipset first announced at Mobile World Congress less than a year ago, DLP has worked with top global manufacturing brands to unveil a variety of implementations for DLP’s Pico™ technology including Acer, BenQ, Dell, Optoma, Samsung, Toshiba and WowWee herunterladen.

“Last year at CES, we demonstrated prototypes of DLP Pico™ technology and this year we’re thrilled to see the emergence of new product categories based on this technology,” said Frank J. Moizio, Manager, DLP Front Projection Emerging Markets business. “The minute size, versatility, and incredible performance of the DLP Pico™ Chipset have enabled major brands to create products that transform mobile viewing experiences from one-to-one to one-to-many zoom download mac german free. With products ranging from notebook companions, to pico projection media players (PPMPs), to projection cell phones – business productivity and entertainment value have been enhanced in an incredible way, and this is just the beginning.”

DLP’s Pico™ solution instantly turns any situation into a media viewing opportunity. A coffee shop becomes a boardroom, a camping tent becomes a theater, and the hallway wall of the school becomes a backdrop for kids to share video clips and pictures smart switch pc download kostenlos. By projecting content onto practically any surface, you can expand your three inch screen to 60+ inches and broaden the viewable image.

DLP Pico™ technology is powering the following market leading innovations at N118 Central Hall 1:


    • Samsung MBP200: Compact and lightweight, the portable MBP200 can connect to mobile phones and laptops and allows users to project content with up to a 50-inch viewing screen. The MBP200 is a stand alone media player with an SD card slot letting users listen to music and create playlists, as well as project video, pictures or PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel files i care app herunterladen. Samsung has not yet announced U.S. shipping details on this product or anticipated price point.
    • Cinemin Stick™ by WowWee Technologies: Roughly the size of a candy bar, the Cinemin Stick™ comes equipped with 4GB of internal memory and an expandable SD memory card slot for easy access to your videos, digital photos and other media. WowWee has not yet announced U.S. availability or price details for this product.
    • Cinemin Station™ by WowWee Technologies: Combining big pictures with big audio, this little media center – merely the size of two soda cans – is a modern-day boombox, the ultimate dock for your iPod, iPhone, or other multimedia devices herunterladen. WowWee has not yet announced U.S. shipping or price details for this product.


    • Optoma Pico PK-101: Smaller than most smart phones and weighing approximately four ounces, the Optoma Pico PK-101 pocket projector can turn any environment into a mobile cinema experience and even connects to your iPod or other multimedia device. The PK-101 can be purchased for approximately $399. This product is on sale in Japan through Apple stores and in the U.S. through and Best
    • Cinemin Swivel: Comparable to the size of the Cinemin Stick™, this affordable lightweight micro projector uses a unique adjustable 90-degree hinge for ceiling projection – putting your favorite videos, photos, and more on display anywhere, anytime ps vita games to. The Cinemin Swivel™ will be available in Q2 2009 for approximately $299.
    • BUGprojector: This is a mini pico-projector module from BUGlabs which incorporates DLP® Pico™ technology to beam an image to a flat surface just eight inches away. With a native resolution of 480×320 pixels, stereo playback and a brightness of 9 lumens, users can project videos, photos and presentations on the go herunterladen.


    • Acer K10 Pico Projector: Weighing just over a pound and comparable to the size of a pocket dictionary, the Acer K10 Pico Projector can be paired with Acer notebook to project your presentations. It is especially developed for business professionals. The K10 will go on sale this month for approximately $450 (£299).
    • BenQ GP1: Positioned as the ultimate on-the-go digital lifestyle device, the BenQ GP1 most notably stands out from the crowd with its integrated USB reader, enabling users to easily run movies, pictures, and office applications directly from a USB thumb drive without the need for notebook attachment de gruyter ganzes buch herunterladen. The GP1 will be available March 2009 through the BenQ e-store and other channels for $599.
    • Dell™ M109S: Akin to the petite size of a pocket dictionary, the handy M109S connects to a Dell Latitude notebook and is primed to be your superlative assistant during small group presentations and collaborative meetings. When the business day ends, play games and watch movies in a bigger way. The product is now available for purchase for under $499.00 through windows updates download niet.
    • Toshiba TDP-F10U Mobile LED Projector: Weighing just over a pound and comparable to the size of a paperback novel, the TDP-F10U Mobile LED Projector utilizes an LED light source to serve as your reliable presenter on the road. Information on pricing and availability will be released from Toshiba.

With more than 20 million units shipped to date, DLP scales to meet the growing demands associated with the laptop and wireless industries, among other categories. This announcement further exemplifies DLP’s commitment to building flexible, reliable and inventive technology enabling manufacturers to bring cutting-edge products to market quickly.