Convergence of Social Media Creating more Egocentric Users

And One Ring to Rule them All!  With, and and Friend Feed, and Face book, I think I may have more Social Networks than I have friends.  Actually it is pretty close.  I have about 500 “Friends” fewer than that followers, and I have logins for 146 social networks, that is before you start to include Video and Picture Sharing sites which put me at over 200.

Ping.FM and Pingomatic and make a business out of making it so we don’t have to even go to the sites we are using.  Making it even easier for us to tell all of our friends what we are doing, but saving us from having to see all of the things they are doing. 

We are all evolving towards being Robert Scoble.  The problem is that if we all become celebrities who will watch us.  The people who ask Robert how he manages to follow so many people, and he breaks it down as most the people aren’t saying anything.  I go days with out posting anything.  I live on a hill and watch the deer play in my back yard, that’s great, but my friends already know that, but other than my grandma who would probably be tickled to know what I had for breakfast, and that I had an eHarmony date, there aren’t too many other people who want all this level of detail.  Certainly there is not reason to spam my facebook, myspace, MSN, and Yahoo IM friends with all this information.

50, 150, or 500 years ago @Scobleizer would have been that crazy guy that begs for money next to the well in the center of town, because it wasn’t “Normal” to strike up conversations with everyone, or listen to what 10,000 people were doing every moment of the day.  It would be creepy, and strange, and we’d have run him out of town.

Now we hope Scoble follows us, and we race to follow him.

On Twitter I have 80 Followers, I am following 244 people, many of whom I just added at random, some of which seemingly are PaySites trying to get me sign up to see Naked Photos for $19.95 a month. 

So why do Join all of these sites if I’m not interested in what My friends are doing?  Because Google values what all these sites say about what I am doing.  Social Networks and Search Engine Optimization are Converging.  As Such I have to know both, but I try to be a good friend and not spam my friends with what I had for breakfast, or news about what clothes I am wearing today.  To be fair Robert is good about not doing that as well, most of the time, but he is a bit random from time to time.