Why Google Doesn’t offer Twitter Search, but I do.

Search Engine Land is talking up a Twitter Search, John Battelle is explaining why Google doesn’t have one word download student.

Well I have had a pretty decent Twitter Powered Search Engine for the last 6 months autoruns.

The thing about twitter is that it only works because people aren’t trying to game it.  Yet.  Google was an Amazing search engine in the days before SEO.  But I can tell you there are some dark secrets lingering in the background for twitter powered search.  I have already started planning for the days when some one starts using Twitter the way they used to use DMOZ, and other Community powered directories bose soundtouch 20 app herunterladen.

Ever ask why there isn’t a Digg powered search? or Stumble powered search?  Primarily because these are gamed, a lot, and people know it.   But also because they don’t have the Power Base that Twitter does.  While Kevin Rose has brand, Digg never really attracted the “Celebrity” base that Twitter did.  The Tech isn’t any less “broken” from a social engineering standpoint it just allows for more following than Digg, and Stumble did, so it attracted a stronger community download chess game.

Once Twitter becomes a means to drive traffic, it will break.  I already use Twitter for SEO, and Social Media Campaigns though my BlackwaterOps.com consulting, but I’ve been pretty white hat about it.  When the Black Hats get incented you will see Twitter going from Noisy Party, to the Streets of Las Vegas, with guys passing out cards for Girls at every turn herunterladen.

It’s like when your neighbor joins a multilevel marketing system, and converts from the guy who loans you his hedge clippers, to the guy trying to sell you Ginsu Knives.  The Poker Nights just aren’t the same afterwards kostenlos minecraft downloaden handy.

I’m all for Tweetsense, as John Calls it.  And if Robert Scoble and iJustine can get a share of ads that run on their Twitter Pages all the better.  Though I don’t think anyone sees anyone else’s twitter page since we all use a Twitter Client, but it’s the thought that counts historische kursdaten herunterladen.

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