Microsoft Live Labs Infinite Canvas Let’s You Create Online Comics

 LiveLabs Blog announced that Neil Gaiman has put up the beta of Infinite Canvas herunterladen.

Infinite Canvas is currently is just a fancy Light box for images.  It lets you point to a series of images, and ads fades, and slide ins for your story herunterladen.

This is better than just sticking the images on the page, but it is not really a “Comic Creation” tool as many are reporting it is just a presentation tool.  It works equally well for PowerPoint Slides, or Nudie Pics ios 11.4.1 downloaden.Microsoft Live Labs Infinite Canvas Let’s You Create Online Comics, the day the saucers came

Neil uses Infinite Canvas for a bit of Social Awareness in his The Day The Saucers Came. 

Use the Technology with your favorite pictures, or a series of images from IcanhazCheezeBurger there are lots of choices pdf24 download deutsch kostenlos.

It’s cool tech but not really press worthy.