is like eHarmony for Clothing is clothing, shoes, and fashion recommendation engine, and so it just so happens it would also be happy to recommend a good thong.  So by this time we all know how eHarmony works, you take a test and based on that is matches you with people of the opposite gender.  Well Style Feeder does the same thing minecraft mini herunterladen.

After you sign up for StyleFeeder. You rate a bunch of clothing, as the engine starts to learn your tastes it is able to suggest clothes you might like.  It can also send you alerts when there are new items you might like herunterladen.

StyleFeeder, Inc.

At first I was a bit skeptical, I always am, but talking with the guys at style feeder about how it works, it makes sense for the most part.  It’s not just metadata, anyone with any fashion sense knows that just because you like one pair of black shoes doesn’t mean you will like all pairs, so Style Feeder uses data about what “people like you” have chosen.  These are your StyleTwins. 

It’s like the Cliques in high school what one of them likes the others will like, but in this case you could be miles apart, united only by the Internet minecraft hacks 1.8 deutsch kostenlos.

delilahAnd there is a definite social component to Style Feeder.  Because while it will make recommendations it will also let me follow other people’s   So if I decide that my Girl Friend is most like  Delilah’s I can add her to my watch list and know that what ever she like, will be pretty in line with my gal’s avira antivirus kostenlos downloaden windows 10.



Then When I get a new girl, and she has a bit more of an Emo Edge I can follow emogurl96 instead herunterladen.

Though most girls on eHarmony don’t quite go for this as their “Little Black Dress”

gothic black dress


Valentine’s day is only 2 weeks away, so you have to start shopping, or you will have to pay for faster shipping, so break in to your girls underwear drawer, Rate all of her underwear on StyleFeeder and you will know exactly what to get her for Valentine’s Day.  Works for Birthday’s and Christmas as well.   If you don’t want to do all that Rummaging StyleFeeder also has a Gift Finder