Help Renew America with your Service

President Obama believes that we, as Americans, have a responsibility to help our communities and fellow citizens. In summoning a new spirit of service, he is calling on us to make an enduring commitment to our neighborhoods herunterladen. can help.

You may have seen President Barak Obama in the ads for USA Service .org. Help Renew America with your Service helps you find and plan Service events around the country. 

Using the USA Event Creator you can specify where, and when your event will occur, ask for specific types of help, and you will then be matched with volunteers who can provide time, materials or monetary support for your cause unfall simulator kostenlos downloaden.

You can also use the event finder to find a cause to contribute to.

President Barak Obama is calling on all Americans to do more than just offer a single day of service to their cities, towns and neighborhoods.  He is asking all of us to make an ongoing commitment to our communities herunterladen. Never has it been more important to come together in shared purpose to tackle the common challenges we face.  Visit for more information herunterladen.