Surrounded by Google Ads

It’s somewhat fascinating how Google automatically inserts their ads to the stories we write here on XYHD.TV.   I just finished writing an article about Bob Barker, explaining how I almost ran over his foot while driving him and his wife in a  a long ago Hollywood Santa Claus Parade deezer herunterladen pc.

Google uses some fancy programming to scan the story and serve ads that they hope will entice you to click on.  Well after finishing the Bob Barker story I looked at the surrounding ads.  There was a big ad for The Hollywood Walk of Fame – a recreation of a star with your name on it.   Well that ad seemed to fit the story font free.

Then I looked at the story later and I saw instead of the Walk of Fame ad some ads for “Transmission Oil Change” kaspersky antivirus herunterladen. Okay, but I am not sure if someone who did a Google search for Bob Barker would necessarily want a transmisison change.  There was also a line for an online version of “The Price is Right” and an ad for “Price is Right Tickets” in Las Vegas herunterladen.

The Related Videos however seemed to have no connection to Bob Barker, “The Price is Right” or  even spaying or neutering herunterladen.

As a test, I am going to put some unrelated keywords into this story and see what Google does with them in the surrounding ads and videos.   Here goes:

Tony Orlando and  President Bush (accompanied by the United States Secret Service) were discussing Campbells chicken noodle soup on their way to Walt Disney Resort in Florida when they noticed the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders taking a break at Starbucks.  Tony and the Prez introduced themselves to the girls, but the ladies were distracted by Rowby Goren who had just walked in, and they swarmed him for his autograph.  Rowby, who was accompanied by Madonna, graciously signed the ladies’ autograph books.  On his way out of the Starbucks, Rowby congratulated Tony on his Nutrisystem weight loss and offered some retirement tips to President Bush.  He suggested to Mr wie kann ich bilder von dropbox herunterladen. Bush that he invest in a great new product called “Stupid Pudding”, which he could learn more about if he would visit the Rowby Fan Club website kostenlose zeitschriften herunterladen.

Okay let’s see what ads Google generates around this post!

….Rowby Goren

P.S.  I’ve looked at the published post.  One of the ads is for “Win Free Dental Care”, an ad for “$5000 A Week For Life” and another one for “Win $100,000 Cash.  And a big garish ad for Winning a $50,000 Dream Home Makeover tonie interrupted.   If I land on this page by doing a Google search for “rowby secret service orlando” I see links for “Secret Service Jobs”.  Hmmmm, wonder if the Secret Service would want to hire me…  I don’t know how legit the $5000 a week or the $100,000 cash links are, but I need a dental implant so I just might click on the “Win Free Dental Care” ad… where to download windows 10.