Lake Michigan Monster Captured By US Navy

On September 16 the US Navy Supposedly captured a 140 foot monster in lake Michigan, according to the Weekly World News (most famous for its Bat Boy Coverage).  There reporting on this story is so good that They Published the story about the events of the 16th on the 15th.

I shouldn’t be too surprised by this since this is the paper that is always talking about Nostradamus and his predictions.  Perhaps the reporter just stands on the Oregon Vortex and the stories come to him.

Lake Michigan Monster Captured By US Navy

While Lake Michigan would be a good candidate for undiscovered species it is unlikely that there are any 2 headed Plesiosaurs in the lake.  Things with 2 heads just don’t tend to live very long or get very large.

Crypto-Zoologist are often looking for Fish Tales and this is just another one.  No Lochness monsters in Lake Michigan, No “Underwater Sea Panthers” though Lake Michigan, is home to some pretty monstrous lake trout.

Michigan is where I grew up so seeing this go by in trends I had to write about it.