Apple Multi-Touch Patent won’t hold water

I like when smart people agree with me.  Pablo Perez-Fernandez released a report which spells out where all the prior art which the patent office pretty much ignored.  How is this possible herunterladen?

The US Patent office would grant you a patent for a Ham Sandwich if you filled out the paper work correctly.

When you fill out a patent application you are asked to identify which patents are like yours and how yours is different.  If you pick patents that are like yours, but you can prove don’t apply, the guys at the patent office assume you did the work right, and that if you lied, screwed up, or anyone actually cares it will show up in court.  This makes patents useful for big companies exclusively. 

A patent becomes a means to sue you opposition out of existence.  Microsoft, Apple, IBM, all have more money to spend on defending their patent, or attacking a smaller companies herunterladen.

When you combine this with the practice of not just doing the paperwork, but preparing presentations, providing meals, and wining and dining patent office workers (I can’t prove Apple did this, but the old Newton team used to) and it become apparent that patents are just plain broken youtube online musiken.