RebateSoft Pay Pal Account Theft: $7.50 Fraudulently Taken From Users

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Two of my friends have reported that they say $7.50 taken from their PayPal account in recent days by Rebatesoft.  The small unauthorized Charge might not be noticed by some.  But taken from 100’s of thousands of people the amount adds up herunterladen.

Why PayPal hasn’t blocked this obvious scam is beyond me.  Several posts on the Internet claim that this is a legal charge, related to trial ware sold on the RebateSoft Trial Ware site at , but as know license accompanies the charge, and Rebatesoft didn’t return my call at the time of writing, I don’t expect this is the case, but don’t know the extent if any of’s involvement in the fraud videos for whatsapp for free.

Those affected by the fraud should consider reviewing Identity theft protection measures.  Jake has done a good job comparing them at ..

Comparison of Lifelock, TrustedID, and other Identity Protection Services