Bar Refaeli On The Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit Edition

Bar Refaeli Israeli Super Model, and GF to Leonardo Di Caprio is to be the cover model for Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit Edition due out in a few days netflix folgen herunterladen mac.

"It’s the cover that matters most," S.I. group editor Terry McDonell told The Associated Press, but each model gets an equal shot rettet die welt kostenlos downloaden.

"The cover has to reflect the athleticism and sexiness of the culture. This photo is modern, her hair and swimsuit look natural. You see her freckles herunterladen. Her body is amazing and she looks intelligent," McDonell told the AP.

Bar Refaeli On The Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit Edition

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition 2009 features 19 models.  While it is the Racier Images inside that move product the Cover Model has to be alluring, classy, and something your wife will only give you a slightly dirty look for, not dump it in the garbage straight away herunterladen.

Sports Illustrated strives to do covers which will make it on the end caps at the check outs, not tucked next to the dirty magazines in the back windows 10 update kostenlosen.