I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.

Hi, I’m Brandon, And I’m a PC.

Microsoft doesn’t make PC’s.  Microsoft doesn’t own HP.  Microsoft Sell’s copies of Office and Vista to Mac users.

Now that we have established some basic facts of the world, let’s talk about the imaginary redhead named “Lauren” from Microsoft’s most recent ads.

The message here is that PC’s are cheaper and less pompous than Mac’s.  A message that resonates in this down economy. Lauren doesn’t want to have to turn tricks to by a Laptop, and who can blame her.

The flip side to this ad is that Microsoft is the Cheaper product, not the better product.  HP likely gains more from this than Microsoft, and even then, maybe not.  The goal was to get a 17 inch laptop for under $1000, and Lauren ends up with a $699 Laptop.  Could we at least have thrown in a printer and a sexy carrying case so we could show “Lauren got all this for under $1k" rather than she got a laptop for $699 and the Mac users argue yeah a cruddy slow HP that is already outdated.

Overall PC’s as a whole win on this ad, but I don’t think Microsoft wins near as much as HP.  And while the Ad is a good start It is not the “slam dunk” it could have been. 


A. Lauren is an Actress.  If Microsoft had done this with iJustine, or TechieDiva, or TechMama, this would have been a HUGE success, because this real tangible only mildly internet famous person would have made the decision, not marketeers.

B. Lauren doesn’t quite feel real.  The Little girl with the picture of her fish, “I’m a PC and I’m 3 and a half” that girl she could sell Ice water in a snow storm.  I have a thing for Red Heads and Lauren just doesn’t seem to have a back story, Why does she need a laptop? Why if she has this nice VW is she stingy? Why if some one says you can spend $1000 would you only spend $700 I want answers, but there are none to be had.

C.Lauren rattles off stats but she doesn’t sound like she knows what they mean.  The Store clerk should have “sold” those features. And they should have been the features people care about, or slightly insane numbers, like “it has 128 gig hardrive so it will store more than 10k photos” instead it had 4 gig of something, don’t I have more than that in my Camera? will all my pictures fit?

I do have to give the ad credit my problem with Mac’s is that Apple uses really sucky keyboards.  Sure they are back lit but they don’t feel well made, or tactile.  And that is a big thing for me.  You touch the keyboard and look at the screen more than you do anything else, so those two things have to be great, and Mac’s suck at both of those.

If this had been an HP Ad I’d have said this ad was a grandslam, but Microsoft has hurt the Fujitsu, and Sony Laptops which are often more expensive than their Mac counterparts because they are better made and offer more features.