How to Create Fast Clouds – Photoshop Tutorial

Making fast clouds in Photoshop can be useful to your creative project. Sometimes adding clouds gives your piece a texture or can be used to add contrast.  Using simple rendering effects in Photoshop we can create realistic clouds within minutes. We could also take a photo of clouds and import it into the project, but this way we can control the amount of clouds.

I will include the source file at the end. Hope that helps.

1) Open Photoshop, Press [Ctrl + N] to open a new document. (Web – 800×600px – Landscape)


2) Go to (Effects > Render > Clouds)


BAM, Your finished.

Add more contrast by duplicating the layer and adding a “Hard Light” filter to the top layer.


This is a very beginning level tutorial of creating clouds. This is a starting point for your imagination.