Puppy Raisers:How To Meet Women with a Seeing Eye Dog in Training

How to get more women than any man would know what to do with. A short tutorial which I will share, because I am evil.

First Apply to be a Seeing Eye Puppy Raiser. You will be assigned a cute little German Sheppard or Labrador.  You will have to join 4-H which is not so bad.  You will be meeting with them to socialize your puppy about once a month.

With your New puppy in its bright orange Cape that says “seeing eye dog in training” you can go anywhere seeing eye dogs can; with a puppy.

“You need to show your puppy as much of the outside world as you can so the puppy can become accustomed to its future work environment. Puppies need to be exposed to things such as car travel, sounds, sudden noises, animals, crowds, slippery floors, stairs and stores so that they will not be intimidated by these things as Seeing Eye dogs.”

Take your Seeing Eye Puppy to the Mall, 6 Flags, College Campuses anywhere your target women will be located. Yours will be the only puppy. Advantage you.  This is after all a requirement to accustom your puppy to its future work.

Practice in advance lines, like “Yes I just got him, I really wanted to do something for the community, the blind need our help”.

Your Puppy will really come in to the “sweet spot” in recruiting towards the end of your 1 year as you now get to tell the sad story.

Is it difficult to give the puppy back for training?

Yes, it is. But knowing that you are raising your puppy to enhance a blind person’s independence makes it worth the effort.

“I’m really going to miss <puppy name> my one year is up but he will be going to help some one in need, so I know it is best”.  Expect to receive several offers to help fill the puppy void.

Seeing eye dog Puppy Raiser 

The tutorial I have just gave is for amusement only, do not use puppy’s for evil, or to meet women, it is wrong.

Even the rationalization that you have done a good thing raising a seeing eye puppy does not undo that level of evil.