Burger King French Toast Flavored Snacks, Just Add Pre-cooked Bacon

Stopped at a gas station along I-5 on the way to LA and saw these Burger King French Toast Flavored Snacks, based loosely on Burger Kings French Toast Sticks, amongst the choices of Potato chips.

These Large Maple Flavored Croutons were nothing short of awful.  Imagine eating Dried bread with a hint of vanilla and store brand powdered “Maple flavored syrup”. I managed to eat 2 before pitching them.  I thought about trying to feed them to the seagulls in the parking lot, and decided they wouldn’t eat them either.

Burger King French Toast Sticks


If these had been in the Freezer section as Ready to Nuke Food, like the store had with Microwave Pizza, and TV Dinners I’d have bought them.  I am a very big fan of French Toast Sticks in general, and while I prefer the ones at Carl’s Jr… Burger King French Toast Sticks.