Video of Sprint HTC Touch Pro Scanning Business Cards

I use the HTC Touch Pro from Sprint to scan business cards directly to my contacts, or exchange server.  The Application called WorldCard Mobile comes preinstalled on this Windows Mobile 6.5 device. 

This phone also has accelerometers for tilt and rotation detection, making it fun for gaming.  GPS with voice for turn by turn directions that you don’t have to look at while driving.

The Cell phone is dual band and works on both the Sprint 1.8ghz Cellular towers and the 800mhz iden towers, which gives better coverage in some areas. This is my favorite Cellphone so far, a definite iPhone Killer for business users.

While this video shows that it doesn’t get every aspect of every card right, it is much faster than adding them by hand. If you are a trade show junkie this phone is a must.  I can’t imagine hitting CES, or SXSW with out this phone having now played with it.

Here are 10 other “Out of the Box” reasons I love this phone:  These are features the iPhone doesn’t have out of the box, and the HTC Touch Pro does.  No extra software installs required.

1. Panoramic Photo Stitching, I took a 180 degree of my Loft, because I can. 6 photos, it gives an overlay so I can see to line up the next.

image (It’s messy I’m just getting moved in)

2. Tether To a Laptop, or Use Blue Tooth Pan to wirelessly Tether your Laptop, so you can surf, play World of Warcraft, watch adult videos, any of those things you can’t quite do on a phone yet.

3. Trim Mp3’s to Roll your own Ring Tones. Just download an mp3 set a mark in, mark out and Poof you have a ringtone.

4. Turn By Turn Driving directions with GPS, and a Voice to say, "Make U-turn at San Carlos" and "Destination is ahead".

5. Connect to a Projector and display a Power Point Presentation. yes, my phone is all I need to Pitch a VC who has their own projector.

6. Yahoo, AIM, MSN, No Twitter or GTalk, but IM out of the box is kind of sweet.

7. Scan Business Cards & store the Information directly on to your contacts. Or if you use Exchange to your Sales dept. for follow up. #SXSW

8. Print to a Network or Blue Tooth Printer. You can print copies of those business cards when you get done, or photos, PowerPoints, PDF.

9. Store the HTC Touch Pro in a “knife pocket” you know that little pocket with in your right front pocket, it fits in there. So no more butt dialing, or radiating your testes.

10. Insert a Micro SD (16 Gigs) so that you can change music, buy preloaded with music, or back up your stuff, so if your phone gets Squished your safe, because usually the Micro SD’s survive.