Nuances of Twit: Things you need to know about Twitter Etiquette part 1

This is part one in my series to help define some of the things that happen on twitter, what they are called and if worth mentioning some examples powered by Summize. Definitions are short so you can RT them, but Give @Brandon_Wirtz the Credit ok?


"Tweeting behind ones back" to use another’s Name rather than their @ so as to avoid them seeing the tweet.


Storagezilla: Is there a minimum financial threshold you have to cross before Om Malik will climb up your diamond studded arsehole?


"TwitzoPhrenic" Tweeting from more than one handle, Often your Brand and your self, but also to fake conversations.


"Ego Tweeting" RT ing that some one RT’d what you said to show that someone bothered to read you.


"Twit Stalk" Using Search to see everything @’d to another User

"Twit Block" @ ing a User with mention of their Significant other when they are Flirting it up with someone else.


randallboe: Don’t forget to break your GF out, too: RT @kmakice: @james812 You need a day trip to Chicago. Skip school. Go see the cubs in a Ferrari.


"Breaking the TWust" Retweeting a DM


orangy68: Just rolling over floor laughing!! THX to guy who DM’d me saying he knew what Tampax was, but got lost as to what ‘UTD.’ meant. PRICELESS!


"Bird Piling" when 6 or more followers jump on someone who flamed or showed up someone they follow.


"Twit Rolled" Social Engineering (lying) about where a Short URL goes.


guykawasaki: Pictures of how I lost my Virginity. (Can you resist clicking?)


"Caged Bird Twit" Complaining about having to be inside on a "Beautiful day"


WineHarlots: RT @cfnoble Stuck working on beautiful day. Generating low grade grumble that says "approach w/caution". "Approach w/Vodka" also acceptable


"niTWit" Someone who tweets the profoundly Stupid. "I think Twitter is down" "Really then how’d you tweet?"


billydslc: Looks like twitter is down


"Social Media Expert" Congrats you joined twitter that puts you in the top 5% of Internet users. Here’s your sign.


Aimee_B_Loved: Follow me. I’m a social media expert. And by social media expert, I mean jackass on Twitter.


"Handle failure" when you pick a handle that no one can read or mistakes for swear words.

"Twanglish" when you no long are able to write e-mails in more than 140 character bursts and abbreviate everything