Month: April 2009

Finding Great Flikr Images to Enhance Your Blog, Facebook, or Myspace

You can use someone else’s photos, legally. You just have to make sure it is Creative Commons. If you’d like to punch up your myspace, facebook, or blog with some fantastic photos, Flickr is a great resource.  You can’t just Read More

Creative – Design Jobs: How to Get a Job In Motion Graphics

Do you want a high paying job while having fun at work. Ever consider being a digital artist. If this gets your creative juice going, motion graphics might be right for you. The top in-demand careers of 2009 includes industries Read More I Beat You, Flaunt Your Stuff

Brag about what you do best with I Beat You. allows anyone to create an online contest between you and your friends. Some examples of competitions taking place at iBeatyou – Most Realistic Fake Beard, SUPER GEEKD!, Beautiful in Read More

David Carmona is The Man Who Knew Too Much

Interactive Media Designer, David Carmona is famously known on Twitter as @david_carmona. David Carmoan started his career in interactive development, social media and then Business/Marketing Coordination, Search Engine Optimization, for Revision3. After Business Development and Marketing Coordinator he decided to Read More

Google Closer to Break Even on Not Losing 1.6M a Day

David Silversmith has a history of making bombastic headlines that are so far from the truth, backed by numbers that are no where near a whole picture, but this one is probably the one furthest from the truth I have Read More

How to Clean Virus from your Twitter Account Created several of those “fun” twitter apps that ask for your user and password then show you information about your friends list. When it got to critical mass it started spamming people via the web interface to twitter.  It Read More

Beth Blecherman is Top Tech Mom in Blogging

Top Tech Mom, Beth Blecherman is famously known on Twitter as TechMama. Beth Blecherman started her career in application development, system auditing and then Senior Manager, Computer Process Integrity, for Deloitte.  After senior management she decided to take on family Read More

The Top China Expert is Christine Lu for American’s Looking at Business in China

Christine Lu is the Top China Expert when it comes to how to take an American business to China.  Converting your business to work in the Chinese economy and market is not just a matter of translating your existing ad Read More