How to Clean Virus from your Twitter Account Created several of those “fun” twitter apps that ask for your user and password then show you information about your friends list.

When it got to critical mass it started spamming people via the web interface to twitter.  It is also sending e-mails from users who have the same e-mail address as they have twitter login, and Are even doing FaceBook posts.

If you think you are infected or want to make sure you aren’t you will need to change not only your Twitter password but any password from Gmail, Yahoo, FaceBook, or MySpace that is the same as your Twitter Password.

NEVER use your Twitter Username and Password on a site you don’t fully trust, and believe to be an established company with a good Terms of Service.

To Change your Twitter Password:

Go to

Changing your Twitter password to remove Virus

Enter your old password, then your new password twice and click “Change”

You Also need to Make sure your “More Info URL” is set to something other than

Change your more info URL


To Change your Face Book Password:

Go To

Log In.

Click Settings –> Account Settings.

Changing your password to prevent from spamming your friends

Click “Change” under Password.