David Carmona is The Man Who Knew Too Much

Interactive Media Designer, David Carmona is famously known on Twitter as @david_carmona.

David Carmoan started his career in interactive development, social media and then Business/Marketing Coordination, Search Engine Optimization, for Revision3. After Business Development and Marketing Coordinator he decided to take on a start-up and start designing and developing as his career 2.0. He was Co-Founder and President of the Society of Web Designers and Programmers of The Art Institute of California – San Francisco.

Student David Carmona at Art Institute

He participates in groups like Sacramento Public Relations Association, E-Commerce Network, Google Group and Technology Conferences near the Bay Area. Follow David on twitter as david_carmona and be sure to Add David Carmona on Linkedin. He also often post on his tumblr account which seems to aggregate his twitter feeds. Using younoodle.com you can find the companies that David Carmona on You Noodle.


The Art Institute of California – San Francisco, Graduation Spring 2009.