Microsoft My Phone Service Launches, Competes with Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft is like the puppy that doesn’t know it is chasing its tail.  Microsoft has Active Sync for Outlook/Exchange, Microsoft Mesh, Microsoft Live for Mobile and now Microsoft My Phone.  Each of them have a few features the other doesn’t, but they should be merged in to one product herunterladen.

I use Mesh on my desktop, and occasionally grab files via the web interface on my Windows Mobile.  I use Microsoft Live for Mobile to sync my contacts.  This gives me pretty good coverage of features and usability with out overlap herunterladen.

MyPhone from Microsoft would do the same thing but NOT share those files to my PC.  Active Sync does a better job with contacts because it makes my outlook contacts sync. 

All in all Microsoft has created a convoluted mess lizenzfreie musik downloaden kostenlos.