Email Extractor Lite Is A Spammer’s Best Friend

Email Extractor Lite is a tool for extracting email addresses from News Groups, and other forums.  Basically it works on the premise that if you posted to the Chevy owners group you are a Chevy owner, so you would be a some what qualified lead.  Or that you posted anywhere on the Internet so you must be interested in buying a snuggie.

Email Extractor Lite has very few legitimate uses.  By running it you basically have proven you are not interested in complying with the Can-Spam laws.  Users of News Groups haven’t agreed to “Opt-In” to recieve your e-mail, so by using a tool like Email Extractor Lite you are generating lists to e-mail illegally.

While many people are looking for Email Extractor Lite 1.4 since it is the easiest to pirate, the current version of the product is Email Extractor Lite 4.5.