Forbes Names 10 WoW Killers Based on Screen Shots, Peter C. Beller and Evan Hessel are Idiots

Next time there is a debate over the Journalistic quality of blogs vs “real papers” I’m going to drag this flaming pile of poo from Forbes.  Forbes has named 10 MMORPG’s that are the Coolest.  Leaving World of Warcraft off the list video von tvthek downloaden.

Problem is they didn’t play any of these games, and none of them are out, and most aren’t even in beta, so based on the mortality rate of MMORPGs likely they never will be tomb raider spiele kostenlosen.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • DC Universe Online
  • Marvel Universe
  • Heroes of Telara
  • League of Legends: Clash of Fates
  • Lego Universe
  • Battlefield Heroes
  • APB
  • World of Cars
  • UnNamed Project

    Yes, one of the coolest MMORPGs is ZeniMax’s unnamed project that doesn’t have a title, financing, screen shots, or anything more than concept art. 

    Forbes which usually is good for Vetting the market of new businesses and telling you what is and is not vaporware, should flat out fire Peter C app youtube videos downloaden apple. Beller and Evan Hessel, for their incompetent reporting.

  • Based on the Time of release you’d have thought Peter C. Beller and Evan Hessel might have mentioned China’ banning Virtual Gold Farming, or that Marvel, and DC Universe were going to be competing with Champions Online which will be playable not just on PC, but Xbox 360 as well.  Total crap piece netflix filme kostenlos downloaden.