Nighty Night Video As Seen on Dr. Phil

Cute animals preparing to sleep, is a great way to get your kid to fall asleep.  The Nighty Night Video works almost as well as playing Dr. Phil before bedtime.  This DVD as seen on Dr kinder app kostenlos herunterladen. Phil “triggers” your kids to fall asleep.

youtube musik downloaden fürs handy. Phil" border="0" alt=" Nighty Night Video As Seen on Dr. Phil" src="" width="197" height="193" /> I’m personally very fond of this image of the polar bear licking the monkey from their website praat kostenlos download.

Not to be confused with the BBC series of the same name.

Nighty Night – The Complete Series 1
Director: Tony Dow
Manufacturer: BBC Warner
UPC: 794051240026
Price: $15.99