Sheri Allred Reincarnate Venus Aphrodite Demilo Sues Hugh Hefner


Sheri Allred is mildly quirky to say the least.  Sheri believes her self to be the reincarnate Venus Aphrodite Demilo and is suing Hugh Hefner for $3B for an incident when she was 5 and apparently Hugh hid under the bed (not under the sheets) with her jewels star kostenlos downloaden.

Having met Hugh Hefner on several occasions I have never thought him creepy, or even particularly perverse.  He is very much a “free love” type, but I have always taken it as a free love between consenting adults. 

Sheri Allred claims she has connections to Gotti, the mafia family, and to a family of Oil Barons.  She is clearly not entirely sane kurzgeschichten zum herunterladen.