Do Midgets Have Night Vision? No, and if you had to ask you are a moron.

Do Midgets Have Night Vision? No.  Of course they don’t.  They are Midgets not Dwarves.  They don’t work in the mines of Mordor.  The Internet is making people stupid.  If you have to Google to find out the answers to obvious questions you are an idiot calibri schriftart herunterladen.

The problem with having the answer to any question at your finger tips is that you don’t bother to put a sanity check on the question.  If you had arrived at this page and I had told you that Midgets do have night vision, and that they also turn green when exposed to black light would you have believed me htc apps herunterladen?

I mean sure I’m the Greatest Living American, but come on sky go app mac herunterladen.