Windows 7 is Coming: Upgrade, Carmi Levy is a Troll

Betanews is reporting that you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 7 unless you are buying a new PC.  Carmi Levy is a Troll.  His “philosophy” may have been right with Microsoft Vista, but not with Windows 7.  Windows 7 is faster, smarter and better looking than Vista, and it will run on even the lowliest of net books videos aus orf tvthek downloaden.

Pretty much any machine sold in the last 4 years will run Windows 7.  Something you could never have said about Windows Vista.

Windows 7 has a few UI changes that take some getting used to, but it is amazingly stable, and handles crashes of single applications very gracefully solitär zum herunterladen. (as a developer this is important as I used to have programs I wrote take all of my system down).

There is some legacy peripherals that may not be compatible with Windows 7 if you were on XP before, but the Hardware Compatibility checker will warn you of this before you do the install, so you can decide if they are something you can live with out.  On one of my PC’s I lost the LED controls, so my track pad doesn’t light up videos von youtube herunterladen ios. On another I lost the microphone on the USB camera, which I didn’t use anyway.  On the “worst” computer I had an old HP that needed a different sound card to work, which was about 5 minutes and $10 to swap out ios apps kostenlosen.

Carmi Levy says:

Unlike applications, new operating systems rarely deliver the kind of functionality or productivity improvements that would justify the project cost herunterladen. As organizations look for ways to shave unnecessary expenses, the standalone OS upgrade project has emerged as low hanging fruit. They’re justifiably content to live with an older, not-quite-leading-edge OS as long as it works and doesn’t fail in some way every other day apres ski hits 2019 kostenlos downloaden. For the most part, XP and Vista continue to deliver on that front, so it makes eminent sense to keep them chugging until IT can deploy some shiny new Windows 7-equipped machines herunterladen.

Which might be true if you don’t think security, usability, and better software compatibility is worth something.  Newer DirectX, Better SilverLight Compatibility, and much improved “accessories” such as pain, movie maker, wordpad and others all make Windows 7 a much more complete OS.  And the drastically improved security and reliability more than justifies the cost of the new OS filme auf ipad herunterladen.