PS3 Price Drop 2009 as PS3 Slim Pictures Released

The PS3 Price Drop was to be expected, and brings the price closer to being where blue ray players are. 

Personally I’m more interested in the release of the PS3 Slim which will hit in time for Christmas 2009


"It has always been Sony’s plan to reach the $299 price point herunterladen. Sony is still operating under a business model that most consumer electronics follow. The first price point is usually just out of reach of mainstream consumers, but just in reach of the technology innovators and early adopters who must always own the latest and greatest spyro spiele kostenlosen. As time progresses and manufacturing efficiencies increase, a product’s price is lowered within the reach of the mainstream market. We believe the $299 price point is a mainstream or mass market price tusch herunterladen. At $199, you begin to capture the price-sensitive consumer and the late majorities."

Sony blames the economy, not the fact that they just suck next to Wii and Xbox 360 paint 3d herunterladen.

"First, the recession made consumers over-sensitive to pricing. It didn’t matter what the price of the PS3 was, the fact that it was the most expensive, compared to its competitors, hindered sales super mario run vollversion kostenlosen. Consumers simply could not justify purchasing the ‘latest and greatest’. Second, the Wii revolutionized how we view the hardware life cycle gta 5 inhalte zum herunterladen. Nintendo went against the grain and said, ‘We are going to introduce a hardware system that anyone can enjoy and everyone can afford.’ The late majorities or price-sensitive consumers did not have to wait three years before systems like the PS3 or the Xbox 360 were within their price range."

PS3 Slim Specs are still mostly unknown but we know:

  • "OtherOS" support has been removed lego batman spiele kostenlos downloaden.
    You still get 2 USB ports.
  • Hard drive sizes will be bigger, it will come in 120Gb and 250Gb flavours. It’s still replaceable and will actually be slightly easier as it has been relocated to the front of the console herunterladen.
  • It will NOT have any "new" features, such as backwards compatibility or enhanced peripheral support. It’s just a PS3, but slightly smaller and cheaper herr der ringe aufstieg des hexenkönigs kostenlos downloaden.
  • The power supply is still internal, but a different power cable will be used.
  • Rear ports are still the same: 1x HDMI, 1x Sony AV port, 1x Optical, 1x Ethernet microsoft office erneut herunterladen. And of course a power port.