Skipping the Tutorial in Champions Online

While the Champions Online Tutorial is Ok once, it is bit of a bore the second time through.  If you want to get through it as fast as possible this guide will get you through the tutorial in about 20 minutes whatsapp statusmeldung herunterladen.

When you enter the game after creating your character you will be dropped in to Millennium City Tutorial.  Your Champion starts out as level 1 Fodder… but have no fear if you can run and jump you will be fine wie kann man videos aus dem internet herunterladen.

So high tail it to Silverback’s HoloGram. You are likely about to get your butt kicked. That’s ok.You only have to be able to “mine” crates.  As the Ironside story takes place just stand there and open the crates of Cannon Parts.  You will level up in about 12 minutes to level 3 herunterladen.

When you get to Level 3 go see Silverback and get the mission of doing what you have been doing already.   Complete the Ironside mission, then go get the access code to enter HQ.  You are going to be a bit wussy so go slow, but this should get you through the tutorial in under 30 minutes instead of 2 hours listening games for free without registration.