Accounting – Finance Jobs: How to Get a Job As A Accountant

Are you well organized, a self-starter, committed and most importantly experienced. Accounters are responsible for supporting the finance department staff accountants on a daily basis to help facilitate all finance and accounting processes, including project closes final billings, and the accuracy of reporting.

While Accounting job postings have decreased 49% since July 2008 the clicks on Accounting jobs have increased 63% since July 2008. Education plays a major role in the corporate decision process.


UC Berkeley Certificate Program in Accounting
Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Accounting

UC Berkeley’s Program in Accounting prepares you to analyze and accurately communicate the financial impact of economic events on an enterprise. The accounting profession is valued more than ever by business leaders and investors, who recognize the critical need for qualified and well-trained accounting professionals. Moreover, as sophisticated software takes over many basic accounting functions, today’s accountants are finding that they must position themselves as savvy financial analysts in order to remain competitive.


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Business – Accounting – Helps you fill out forms, remember to pay estimated taxes.

Personal – Accounting – Allows you to keep track of your accounting as well as send reminders to people who owe you money.

Personal – Budgeting – BudgetEdge doesn’t only help you keep track of your current expenses and assets.

Shared – Accounting – A unique accounting system that helps roommates pool their expenses and then divide them while keeping track of who owes money.


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Essential skills and experience:
• BS in Accounting/Finance/Business
• Strong communication skills – both written and verbal
• Ability to work with directors, senior management as well as peers and junior colleagues
• Self-directed professional with strong initiative and organizational skills
• Proficient with Microsoft Office including Qucikbooks, Word and Excel
• 4+ years accounting and finance experience