Interview with Computer Engineer Greg Mathews

Greg Mathews grew into technology and any part of it that he could get his hands on. Greg is going to San Jose State University and will be studying computer engineering kann man prezi präsentationen herunterladen. While creating a T-shirt business he has received a $5,000 dollar grant from SMUD to build a project he personally outlined.

Greg Mathews - Computer Engineer

1) agenda downloaden. Where did you grow up? What’s a special childhood memory.

Bellevue – Washington and Folsom – California. Sneaking off during class to play on the Apple 2e’s ever since then I have not been able to stay away from computers herunterladen.

2). What’s the first site you visit in the morning and why? Always up to date on the latest products that are coming out and changing the market herunterladen.

3). What do you like learning/reading about?

Hacking/productivity/design/technology hacking is always interesting because it is fun making products do stuff they are not meant to do office 356. Productivity is always something that is interesting because we could all use a little more time in our day. Great design rivals the mona lisa. Learning how to imitate great design is the hard part schlager zum downloaden kostenlos.

4). What project(s) are you working on?

Solar charging station, basically I am making a system that takes in solar energy and stores it for use with any home appliance herunterladen. I am trying to make my room off the grid.

5). Where do you want to study; any major spark your interest?

Computer Engineering

6) print artist vollversion kostenlosen. The last concert you attended?

Rx Bandits -Great band definitely check them out.

7). Where do you find music? Who’s likely to be on itunes herunterladen 32 bit?

I normally find my music from Pandora or Friends. Radiohead.

8). What makes you feel ‘geeky’?

Getting a new gadget/app/designing webpage’s something that you can show off and be proud of iphone app to download music for free.

9). What inspires you to continue?

Always being able to learn more/not being able to keep up.

10). What’s your favorite game lately?

Counter Strike Source – I can never leave this game alone. I always come back to it!

11). How can we find you?

Twitter: @gregsqueeb