Interview with Graphic Designer Raoul Ortega

Raoul Ortega is 23 and currently a graphic design student at CSUS. His passions vary from design, typography, photography, music, and art creo 2.0 kostenlosen. Raoul spends time doing photography and design for The New Humans an Indie band from Sacramento, CA.

Raoul Ortega - Graphic Designer

1) herunterladen. Where did you grow up? What made it special?

I grew up in Broderick/West Sacramento, California. What made that place special for me was the people there windows 7 update cancel. There really wasn’t much there that interested me besides the tall oak trees but the people there are quite interesting. I think I am just used to it because that place is really kind of dull from an outsider’s perspective pokemon rom legalen.

2). What’s the first thing you think about in the morning?

The weather.

3). What did you study; where and why tomtom rider 500 routesen?

I am currently studying graphic design at CSUS. I decided to pursue this career because I could use several of my passions in one field of study herunterladen.

4). For a photography book, you favorable to glossy or matte paper?

Matte but I do prefer Satin or Luster at times where can I download word and excel for free.

5). A gift you wanted but never received.

My Uncles El Camino he was supposed to give me for my high school graduation with iphone videos.

6). The last art show/museum you attended.

Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum at Seattle Center.

7) sims 4 cc möbel kostenlos downloaden. Where do you find music? Who’s likely to be on?

I find most of my music on the ISO50 blog. Right now I am super into Choir of Young Believers but my favorites of all time are Radiohead and Tycho igm cancel templates.

8). Where’s your secret hiding spot?

Real world: under the first bridge from West Sacramento to Woodland. Digital world: my external hard drive.

9). Can you share your most prized photo? Why is this important to you.

A shot of my son’s eyes as the sunlight shined from the side of him. You can even see the reflection of his hand in his eye. Really beautiful photograph. Since he is blind the image has great significance.


10). What do you shoot with?

I used my Nikon SLR 35 mm, Diana+ Lomography camera, Polaroid Time Zero OneStep, and a simple Nikon Coolpix s210 point and shoot. I’m working on getting a Nikon DSLR.

11). How can we find you?

My Blog, Facebook, Flickr & Myspace