Interview with Interactive Designer Tom Gurka

Tom Gurka is an Interactive Designer with experience building flash websites and applications Pastewka ringtone free download. Emphasis on front end design, but has solid knowledge of basic and advanced programming methods using AS3. Tom dreams of becoming an Interactive Art Director, winning way to many awards, and using his turntables outside of the apartment herunterladen. Under COG1 he has worked with companies like EA, Sansa, NetApp, People Magazine and tons of other pioneering businesses youtube videos herunterladen software.

Tom Gurka - Interactive Designer

1) musiken amazon. Where were you born? What’s something special about this place.

San Jose, CA. You must own a car to do anything there. Everything is so spread out kalender desktop kostenlosen.

2). What’s for dinner? Who’s cookin it?

Indian food. The delivery guy in his car with a hotplate hooked up to a car battery atmel studio 7 herunterladen.

3). What do you like learning/reading about?

I like learning new technologies and techniques. It’s actually really hard for me to change the core way I do things once I start a certain way amazing grace kostenlos herunterladen. But It’s easy to add new methods and ideas to my palette. Kind of like a rubberband ball. Once you’ve started adding all those layers, it’s nearly impossible to get back down to the core again nacon revolution unlimited profile herunterladen. It’s much easier to just keep adding new layers on top.

4). What project(s) are you working on?

Just finished working on download cat videos for free. Right now were in the planning phases for multiple upcoming projects.

5). What was your childhood dream job, does your major/work reflect that at all painten mac.

Not at all. I wanted to be an actor so I could be in the star wars remakes. I even wrote George Lucas a letter telling him I’d do it for nothing.Yeah that’s not happening.

6). The last concert you attended?

Dan Deacon

7). Where do you find music?,,,

8). What was your favorite birthday?

I think my 21st because of the massive amount of day drinking that happened.

9). Who inspires you?


10). What’s your favorite board game?

Risk. Bring it.

11). How can we find you? 

Facebook, Twitter, & Yelp