Interview With UI Developer Joseph Schmidt

Joseph Schmidt is dedicated to the production of clean, functional code with creative, stylish graphics to form an effective user interface. Joseph has a broad range of Internet technologies under his belt working with new JavaScript libraries, AS3, and various development platforms. Working under DHAP Digital with clients like Adobe, Scion, Toyota and countless other innovative companies.


1). What’s the first site you visit in the morning and why?

Gmail, and it’s my email..haha – actually i would have to say JIRA – it list all my work tasks for the day; its kind of like a basecamp. If its the weekend then I would say BBC or NY Times because I like their news.

2). What project are you working on today?

What Haven’t I worked on today. Scion mini-sites, Toyota accessories, Dealerizing Lexus

Q- is that backend work?

No, all front end; I don’t really do back end stuff.

3). Where did you study; What major?

I went to two schools. Purdue University & Art Institute of California – San Francisco. At Purdue I received my B.A. in Art History – after realizing that was pointless I came to San Francisco to study Interactive Media Design and graduated with a B.S.

4). Do you use a Wacom Tablet?

I have one but I’m bad about using it. I would use it at home, but not at work since I mainly program here.

5). When’s the last time you had a corn dog?

Ummmmmmm, years – I cant remember. OHHHHH!! brilliant idea. The corn chili dog! Corn dog + Chili dog = Amazing! I don’t think they exists.

6). What keeps you going at work?

Music, Coffee, and building Connex robots.

Q – Where do you get Connex from?

DHAP has a collection of them, If it’s slow I keep my mine going by building.

7). Where do you find your music?

I <3 Hype Machine and

8). Where can we find you via Social Media?

On Twitter – @yo_jo and Linkedin at