Interview with Web Developer Cara Marsh

Cara Marsh works with production tasks and duties that are creative, challenging and educational using the practical application of her knowledge and experience in design. While attending The Art Institute of California – San Francisco she majored with a Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media. Along her interactive journey she’s worked with many freelance clients while using her specialties like quality control, computer based training, production planning, web development, and graphic design excel error whening the template.

Cara Marsh - Web Developer1). Where did you grow up and how does it reflect you?

I grew up in Sacramento, CA. I definitely love the sun and heat and tend to get very cold, very quickly patientenverfügung gratisen. Mom and I moved around a bit when I was younger, but it was always in the Sacramento area, so my intrigue with new places has been instilled in me since I was little. I believe it has stayed with me because I intend to go where the wind takes me after school.

2). What makes you smile? 

Stupid jokes and animals kostenlos briefpapier downloaden. My cousin is five and  asked me why the chicken crossed the table. Then he said Tweet and I died laughing. I took that one to all of my friends. Stupid jokes are great because they teach you to not take yourself too seriously and animals are just cute. If they’re not the cute kind, they’re the interesting kind and if they’re not interesting, then you can just poke at it.

3) musik downloaden von amazon music. What tattoo means the most to you, why?

I just got a half sleeve. It’s in honor of the dead in my family. The banner has four last names, it is surrounded by roses, which is a family name, and it has an angel in the style of Tim Burton art. She is holding a skull to symbolize Memento Mori – be wary of death. As it is in honor of the dead in my family, it is the most meaningful.

4) photoshop download op mac. What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?

Traveling. I think it would be unwise to not travel simply because I’m scared since I haven’t done it before.

5). What activities make you lose track of time?

Computer coding. Drinking booze. Dancing.

6). The last meaningful event you attended music from spotify download legal? Why?

My birthday. I just turned 27 and I have to say it was the best one yet. I went along with what my friends and family wanted to do for me. I made no attempt to plan anything.  When I went with it and had no expectation and just enjoyed my company and time, the moment was fantastic.

7) instagram bild herunterladen ios. What’s been on the ‘boom-box’ lately? Where do you find your tunes?

I listen to Pandora and then I find the music from friends and iTunes. I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop lately.

8). When did you last cry?

Last night. I watched the move Seven Pounds and cried like a baby lebenslauf bei xing downloaden. I don’t think I’ll be watching that movie in front of anyone.

9). Who influences you – how often do you think about them?

My friends are highly influential. They keep me going. I’m very lucky I see them in school and when I go visit Sacramento. Also, Smashing Magazine is a fabulous source of inspiration and tools to implement said inspiration apps downloaden auf sd karte.

10). What do people typically ask you for help in?

You know, I don’t know. Usually it’s stuff like how to fill out a form or about color. Other than that, I’m not asked for help that much.

11). Last thing you ate?

Toffee bar.

12). Favorite smell elster steuer 2017? Why?

Honey and vanilla. They’re beautiful intoxicating smells. I like smelling like them because smell is one of the most influential aspects of interacting with those around me. Too much is overpowering but just enough is pleasant for anyone around. Unless they don’t like honey or vanilla.

13). What’s the last thing you think about at night?

How my bed is really comfortable and that I hope my crazy neighbor doesn’t have a psychotic break and enter my room through my window or door while I’m asleep and hurt me or my cat.

14). How can we find you?

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