What Ever Happened to Acid Rain ( Nina Rastogi is an idiot )

Slate is running an article entitled “What Ever Happened to Acid Rain” which was clearly not fact checked.  The headline grabbed me, Acid Rain was a big problem in a Transformers episode I saw as a kid, and it had me scared of clouds for months.  I was scared rain was going to have me pulling Wicked Witch and melting into a puddle herunterladen.

The article at first glance sounded like an environmental feel good story, we beat Acid Rain we can beat global warming herunterladen.

But the article is filled with bad science. The most notable.  PH Scales.

image  Nina says:

“That might not seem like a big difference, but remember that pH is a logarithmic scale, not a linear one, so something with a pH level of 4 is 10 times more acidic than something with a pH level of 5 herunterladen. In short, much of the rainwater in the East is between 2.5 and eight times more acidic than it should be.”

And the article links to Wikipedia… Which may be a BIG part of the problem. 

Rain like any other “water” changes pH with Temperature.  As a result the season, and average temperature of that year makes a bigger impact than the pollution levels in most cases.  In mild winters, the pH of rain is less.  In years where it is colder rain’s pH is higher.  But pH is not actually an indicator of Acidity ltspice download kostenlos.

Pure (distilled) Water at Freezing has a pH of 7.47  which would imply it is a base.  But heating the water to Boiling drops its pH to 6.14 which would imply it is an acid.  But in truth at either of these temperatures distilled water has the same level of acidity, NONE free puzzle.

The problem with “field” measurements used most environmental studies is that if you are calculating acidity you need to measure the pH at 25 degrees Celsius hoe website.

Sticking a probe or litmus strip in a pond, or falling rain tells you nothing useful about the acidity of rain.