Any Site Even WordPress on Google AppEngine. We Put Your Site in the Cloud

I sat down to put my depth of Python experience in to learning Google App Engine this weekend.  And my first app is an accelerator for my Blog.  Rather than porting WordPress to run on Google, I instead built a proxy designed to take the load off of the installation. 

This does several things.  I can get bandwidth cheaper through Google than through most hosting providers.  But it also takes load off of my server which lets me run a less powerful server because it doesn’t have to serve images, (or pages).

While the GoogleApp could serve all of my WordPress pages on or I could map to the AppEngine I decided that I would be happier having text elements served on my ServerBeach Server and just have my images Served via AppEngine.

I’m offering a variation of this solution to others for $99 to start.  If you need me to set up your AppEngine and complete an install it is an additional $150.

Unlike using S3 for hosting Images which requires you to upload your images manually to Amazon, this solution just off loads your images to the cloud when they are requested.  This allows you to use existing CMS solutions like Movable Type, WordPress, Joomla, Media Wiki, to benefit from cloud hosting.

imageWhat really sets this solution apart is that you can off load large portions of the traffic to your servers with only 2 lines of code in your .htaccess file if you are on Apache, and it is no more than 4 lines on most other servers.

This is the single easiest way to dip your toe in the Cloud waters. To get an understanding in a safe easy to use environment of uptime, reliability, and scalability of cloud apps, and the price associated with them.

For $99 and about 30 minutes you can reduce the load on your server, and drastically increase the number of users you can serve.  Often also speeding up the load time of your pages.

The BlackWater GAE Image Server is licensed per domain.  You will be provided with instructions for installation and a customized version of the GoogleApp for your domain. You can launch on an domain and then use GoogleApps to map to a subdomain of your primary domain.  At this time you need one App Id Per Domain.

The BlackWater GAE Image Server v1 includes all bug fixes as they are released.

Due to limitations of Google AppEngine, Images must be smaller than 1meg to be accelerated.

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Please allow 48 hours to recieve your software as we have to modify it for your domain. We will contact you for details to complete your order.