How to build a homemade HERF Gun

A High Energy Radio Frequency or HERF Gun, is a device which uses targeted Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to disable a vehicle, electronics or communications equipment from a distance kalender 2019 excel herunterladen.

Building a DIY HERF Gun is not incredibly hard, building one that is portable is.  The most simple way to build a HERF gun is to use two different wattage microwave ovens (like you cook food with), Shielding from 6 microwaves, and Two Large Rheostats eso.

Using two different Magnetrons of different sizes allows you to create RF that is closer to static which is ideal for a HERF Gun.  Ideally you’d want to be able to adjust the frequency for whatever you are targeting, but this takes a lot of work and skill to build.  If by instead you start with two different magnetrons which operate at two different frequencies you can adjust their positioning such that the waves stack such that the center of the broadcast beam will be one frequency and the edges of the beam will be higher frequency aktuelle android version herunterladen.

A Homemade HERF is going to be big.  You are basically building two microwaves in a garbage can, to give you a perspective of the size.

Disassemble the Microwaves, saving the parts.  While you can bypass or remove the timers if you want, it’s generally better to leave them you aren’t going to want to fire your gun more than 15 seconds at a time mit welcher app kann ich videos von youtubeen.

The build is really simple.  Mount the two magnetrons side by side with one on an adjustable mount.  Surround the enclosure with the shielding from other microwaves.leaving an exit tube in the direction the magnetrons point.  This tube should be at least 3 feet long herunterladen.

Poof you are done.  By adjusting the position of the two magnetron you can adjust the frequency.  Don’t point this at people. And be prepared to have the whole thing burst in to flames.  Remember just because you can do a HERF Gun Build, doesn’t mean you should produkey 64 bit herunterladen.

I have not included herf gun schematics, or diagrams because building one of these is dangerous and you shouldn’t do it.  If you do you will likely shorten your life, or the life of someone you know, so don’t do it aktuelle alben kostenlos downloaden.