Unexplained Phenomenon: The Phenomena Started by Google is a plug for The Fourth Kind?

Today Google’s doodle entitled Unexplained Phenomenon is creating some strange trends in search.  The image links to a search for “Unexplained Phenomenon” and features a UFO beaming up an O from the Google Name.  Being the top hit for the most searched term on Google is bouncing from Site to Site as the day tracks on.  Ranging from Unexplained-Mysteries.com to LiveScience.com pokerstars downloaden iphone. The Phenomena Started by Google is hardly a mystery as to why it took off, what is less obvious is what Google is hoping to get out of this experiment amazon song purchased as.

Is this a Google Trends SEO competition? To see who can rank for “Unexplained Phenomenon”?  It seems probable since the terms most searched with Unexplained Phenomenon are:

  • Unexplained Phenomenon Google
  • Unexplained Phenomenon Wiki
  • Unexplained Phenomenon Book
  • Unexplained Phenomenon Wikipedia

These don’t look like “organic” searches.  People looking for actual Phenomena with out explanation are more likely to be things like:

  • Unexplained Phenomenon Roswell
  • Unexplained Phenomenon Lifters
  • Unexplained Phenomenon StoneHenge

 Unexplained Phenomenon and Phenomena Started by Google

“the Fourth Kind”  Which is do out November 6.  And features the beautiful Mila Jovovich kostenlos lieder aus dem internet herunterladen. And is about Alien Abductions would be a very likely candidate for this type of gorilla marketing.

A play on the Close Encounters, “The Fourth Kind” is supposedly a telling of abductees based on actual events told by real people.  How much one would need to spend on Adwords to get this kind of press is beyond me, but I imagine it would be big.  But Why herunterladen? the results aren’t like the “2012” movie where if you Googled 2012 the top hit was the movie.  The results are just random sites most of which are no longer Mystery Enthusiasts, and Paranormal sites, but instead trend jumpers who look to make money on the rise of a trend in Google Search.  What would “The Fourth Kind” benefit from this stunt as executed ls 17en?

Maybe it is just a clever hack by the maker of this Youtube video which is the top Youtube for this search?  He is certainly benefiting from the traffic…

So like a bunch of others I throw my hat in the ring, to see if I can catch a few thousand impressions based on this trend, offering no definitive answers, and no information beyond there is a LOT of people searching for the Unexplained.