Interview with Expert Query Analyst Mark Condon

Mark Condon works as a Flash and Web Developer using PHP, and MySQL. Mark also does user interface work with JavaScript, and JavaScript libraries. He’s also developed a number of Facebook Applications in FBML, FBJS, and FBQL herunterladen. Creating sites that follow the W3C Web standard while using XHTML and CSS to develop multiple sites in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and javascript libraries such as JQuery, Moo Tools, and Scriptaculous herunterladen. In addition, Mark has also created a Firefox Extension using Javascript, and XUL. Mark Condon is a well rounded developer in multiple computing platforms such as: Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows herunterladen.

Expert Query Analyst Mark Condon

1) Pastewka ringtone free download. Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?
I grew up in a little town in Minnesota where I lived until 2004 when I graduated from high school herunterladen. Then about three years ago I moved out to San Francisco.

2). What site do you visit most often, why?
I go to Slashfilm ( a lot youtube videos herunterladen software. It’s always open in a tab on my Safari. I really enjoy movies, and so naturally I want to keep up on all the latest movie news and rumors.

3) musiken amazon. What languages do you enjoy programming in?
I really enjoy PHP and that’s what I work with most of the time, but occasinally I’ll do some programming in C kalender desktop kostenlosen.

4). What school do you attend and what’s your favorite study of choice?
I attend The Art Institute of California – San Francisco atmel studio 7 herunterladen. I’m studying Web Design and Interactive Media, but my favorite classes are about art history.

5). Is there anybody you look up to in the developer community amazing grace kostenlos herunterladen? Why?
I really look up to Joshua Schachter, the creator of Delicious. I really admire his ability to create compelling and interesting projects like Delicious and GeoURL.

6). 1 common mistake you should always avoid when developing?
Make sure you always sanitize your inputs, you don’t want to be subject to a MySQL injection.

7). What’s your favorite podcast/show, why?
This Week in Tech, it’s the best way to get your tech news. It’s a lot like if Tech TV didn’t go off the air. Leo Laporte does an excellent job running it.

8). How do you get new music and share it?
Usually I get recommendations from my friends and then put them into Pandora. I don’t own much music anymore I usually just stream it online on or Pandora.

9). What do you enjoy doing on the weekends, why?
I always try to get away from my computer for a while, as difficult as that may be. I like to go to jazz clubs and listen to music. It’s a great way to pass time and just let your mind relax for a while.

10). 1 thing you couldn’t live without, why?
My Macbook. I don’t know what I’d do with out. It was out for a week being repaired and I nearly lost my mind.

11). How can we find you(social media)?
Facebook,, and Twitter,