Interview with Video Production Professional Brett Putman

Brett Putman is a young video production professional living in San Francisco. Lately, he’s been obsessed with post-production. Although, most of his background has been in studio and field video production, while currently falling in love with After Effects snapchat android. Brett hopes his profile will serve as a good example of his abilities as a video content producer. Hey, maybe this will lead to something bigger. If you want to take a look at some of Brett’s previous studio production work, then head over to herunterladen. He has worked with other companies such as Total Media Group, Dan Sexton Media, and Indigo Films.


1) herunterladen. Where did you grow up? Where are you now, why?

I grew up in Meadow Vista, CA. It’s a little town about 30 minutes outside of Sacramento, CA samsung kies kostenlos herunterladen deutsch. I’m now living in San Francisco, CA because it is an amazing city with creative people, that never seems to wear on me. thats

2) os x 10.11 herunterladen. What’s the first site you visit in the morning and why?

It’s a toss up between and because I am addicted to my T-Mobile G1 because it has amazingly simple design and I get to fight with all of the Apple fanboys on the comment boards scook books.

3). Being a video production professional, what tips can you give inspiring student/hobbyist.

Go out there and do it! You are not going to learn a damn thing by sitting at home, so go out there and make mistakes, learn from them, and then try again google earth downloaden free. Also, join melbourne based company vidico’s video production forums online biene maja. They are free and are full of supportive communities that are willing to help.

4). What piece of software/hardware couldn’t you live without kostenlos windows 10 32 bit herunterladen?

ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS!!!!! Best production software ever.

5). What project(s) are you most proud about, why?

I am most proud of helping to build the Revision3 studio dragon games for free. It is, of course, still in use today and has some amazing and different people go through it every week such as the Veronica Belmont, Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton, and Alex Albrecht, to name a few.

6). The last concert you attended – why wasn’t I invited ;) ?

The last show I went to was at The Boardwalk in Sacramento, CA and the band I went to see was The Antioch Synopsis. They are progressive/technical metal and you were not invited because you might have suffered a heart attack if you attended. In other words, the metal might have blow you head off.

7). How is working for revision3, what’s special about the ‘family’ there?

Rev3 is great. I get along with just about everybody there and well all have one thing in common: we are geeks. In San Francisco, it is an acceptable thing and we are all glad to be a part of the community.

8). What inspires you?

Honestly, everything. Mainly music and movies, of which I tend to be overly critical of, but I find that inspiration comes from everywhere. I live across the street from the Pacific ocean, so it’s kind of hard not to influenced.

9). Where do you get all your music? Who’s been on repeat lately?

My musical taste is mainly of a heavier influence. I am really into Hardcore and Metal, but I also enjoy some Progressive and Experimental Rock, as well. Anything that gets me thinking “How did they do that?” I am into.

10). How can we find you (social media)?

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace