My latest site just launched. is a convergence of sites I have been working on in a small scale for a long time.  It combines the best Realtime news and discussion elements with data, images, and video.  We will be adding more ability to contribute user generated content in the next few days.  Still have some things to lock down, but it’s off to a great start.   From our about page:

New and information no longer happens only at 7am, 5pm and 11pm like it did in the old days of printed paper, and live national news broadcasts.  We want our news as it happens, and some of what we want isn’t "news" it’s gossip, silly jokes, answers to game show questions, and coverage of our favorite events, even when those events are only of interest to 20 people in Eastern Elbonia die sims 4 haare downloaden.

Enter the InstaMeme.  A way to track the who-to’s and where-for’s from all mediums. Pictures, Videos, Live Streams (coming soon), Maps (coming really soon), organized to your need and wants.  A dashboard of topics to your interest, and a social medium to interact with others in those mediums or in which ever social circle suits you herunterladen.

We are finishing up ways for users to contribute, revise and improve our content, with everything from picking the most relevant of videos to submitting content for inclusion via XML-RPC just like you would your own blog netflix on philips tv.

InstaMeme makes it easy to filter the noise and advance the topics that interest you. 

While we are still in the early stages we are adding new features every day chrome voor appleen. Right now there may be a few mis-spellings (especially in some people’s Biographies) and we are finalizing our TOS so that is currently broken. But Overall we hope that your interaction will help make this a success whatsapp videos kostenlosen weihnachten.

Things we know are broken:

  • RSS
  • TOS
  • About Us
  • No maps
  • Some products have Images that don’t fit on the page
  • GEO IP Data is placing some users in far off lands (mostly Korea)
  • New Meme can be Slow
  • IE8 breaks some times for no apparent reason

Some of my favorite pages… Sara Nuru , John Wayne, and The Legion of Doom wo bücher kostenlosen.

These are very fun pages that aren’t just “news” they are interesting commentaries on people and things.  But there is news with them, and people discussing the topic right now as you watch.  Instameme doesn’t take its self to seriously and that makes it fun skip bo.