Paying to Pitch, Pitch Coaching, Angels, and Demons in VC

People have been arguing all week because Jason Calacanis says Angels/VCs shouldn’t do pay to pitch events.

I do consulting as a pitch coach, which is basically pitch me your idea and I’ll attack it 10 ways to Sunday so you can be ready to defend it to a bank, VC, Angel, or boss herunterladen.

You can pay me all you want, but I’m not going to give you $1.2M for your idea.  That’s not what I do.

When an Angel or VC does a pay to pitch event it needs to be the expectation that what you are doing is getting coached on your pitch in the early stage herunterladen.

All good pitches have sweet spots in the valuation to investment curve.  As an entrepreneur getting coaching to know when the risk to reward becomes balanced enough to get a good valuation, and how to make sure you don’t give up too much equity can be a huge win later smart tv kann keine apps herunterladen.

Entrepreneurs should approach these events not so much as a pitch for money, but a pitch with the intent of landing good advice.

If you are paying for consulting, set reasonable expectations.  In events I work with I provide clients examples of similar business models and the valuations they got at various stages.  This is useful for making sure that you aren’t asking for so much to look like an idiot, nor are you asking so little as to be taken advantage of ps3 games to.

I work with the person doing the pitch on how to look, act, and “spin” positives and negative aspects of their pitch.  All pitches have down sides to them, and if your pitch has none a VC will think its too good to be true and pass lemmings.

A good pitch coach will tell you what team members you need to make your roster look palatable.  So many times I see first timers do a pitch with no business leader, or no technology leader, and the right VC would pair them with that person, but the people doing the pitch wanted to stay CEO, or CTO, when they should have been a product manager, or some other position in the company free music pc.

I guess in short I’m saying… Paying a pitch coach is valuable. If they are also a VC that’s fine, just know that you aren’t there to get money, you are there to get advice videos ios.