Snap-On Tools Sends Cease And Desists as Counter SEO

Snap On tools hired a Scumbag SEO firm to send C&D’s to sites who included Snap-On in the title of posts. The SEO Firm ( here to referred to as SCUMBAGs ) is attempting to get sites to remove pages that compete with Snap-on In search gzsz downloaden.

The SCUMBAGs convince companies that the easiest way to rank is to be the only sites talking about your product.  This is of course very anti-social behavior and runs counter to the way you should engage people who serve as the voice of the internet star stable horse herunterladen.

Snap-On who was one of the original leaders in non-traditional sales and client relationships, got most of its good name in the industry through teaching people the right way to use tools, doing delivery rather than having huge stores in every city, and by doing evangelism at events where tool junkies were located how to download youtube songs.

Snap-On Tools used to get Social Media when no one else did.  Now they have embraced anti-social behavior.  Snap-On Tools doesn’t even have a twitter account kann man bei amazon videos downloaden.

You can read the C&D, and a longer post about trademarks, and SEO at