Interview with Front-End Web Developer Cyrus Evanado

Cyrus Evanado, also known as Cy Style, is a Front-End Web Developer passionate about art whether it is fashion, music, or visual creativity. With the power of technology, Cyrus developed an interest and expertise in web and interactive media design and development, graphic design, motion graphics, and short animation herunterladen. Cyrus will transform your project from a simple thumbnail, sketch, or idea to a fully integrated, fully formed product. No matter what unexpected changes occur, or which direction or medium the project might take, Cyrus has the experience and skills to deliver the project on time and on point. His vast knowledge and experience offers any client a number of services. The end product will always be of the highest possible caliber.

Cyrus Evanado - Front-End Web Developer

1) skype german windows 8 for free. Where did you grow up? Where are you now, why?
I grew up in Portland, Oregon and resided there until the late summer of 2007. I was pretty active in the nightlife scene as a DJ and was doing club promotions for some years. After a while, it came to my realization that it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever and I decided to step out of the spotlight. With a new mentality and focus, brought me here in the San Francisco, Bay Area, pursuing a new lifestyle and a successful career in Web Design and Interactive Media (WDIM) sims 4 inhalteen.

2). What’s the first site you visit in the morning and why?
If it’s not ESPN, I would have to say Twitter. This site has changed everything how I receive news, information, special topics, and interesting links. Before I go to other sites to find out what’s going on, everything comes to me via tweets from certain people I follow herunterladen.

3). Being in the web design and interactive media industry, what tips can you give inspiring students/hobbyists?
Everything in the web evolves so fast, you have to be ready to try and learn new things. You have to keep your head up and see what’s out there. Also, don’t limit yourself to just one thing, for example: you may develop something with a kick ass functionality, but if the interface design isn’t up to par or vice versa, nobody will take you as serious tft. Also, networking is key! Talk to people that know people, get your name out there.

4). What piece of software/hardware couldn’t you live without?
Hmmm…before coming to San Francisco, the only design program I used and was really familiar with was Photoshop. Until now it is still very valuable to me herunterladen. Being in WDIM, it’s very hard to focus on just one software. The cool think is you’re not only limited to just designing or just programming, there’s also motion graphics, video editing/production, and mobile application development.

5). What project(s) are you most proud about, why?
Even though I try top off every project I’ve done in the past, the project I’m most proud of is the website I did for Mallari Insurance ( popcorn time downloaden op tv. It is still up and very active. It was the first site I did for a business use. During that time, I have only been in the WDIM program for less than a year when I challenged myself about taking on a client’s project. Although I must give credit to Jeremy LeVan for being there when I had design/programming questions.

6). How do you spend your weekends herunterladen?
Ahhh, from being a DJ, getting paid to party every weekend, to a complete nerd and workaholic. My life has turned around. As difficult as is it is, I try to limit myself from being stuck in front of the computer. My girlfriend is there to make sure I give the attention she needs and spend some quality time with her. I have a full-time duty whether it’s the weekend or not ;)

7) herunterladen. What would life be without your computer?
I try to keep work (which in this case, mainly in front of the computer) and life outside of work separate. There was a quote I heard, from what I remember: "We’re so used to knowing bad things such as violence, drugs, etc. ruining our world. But we don’t notice that all the things we love such as computers, electronics, etc Download cv for free. are slowly destroying us." Spending too much time in the computer can be bad, where we forget what’s going on outside that computer screen…I guess.

8). What would be something most people wouldn’t know about you?
My freshman year in high school, I tried out for tennis and made the Varsity team! During the tryouts was the first time I really played competitive tennis. The reason why I joined? There were so many hot girls on the women’s team and they sometimes practice on the same court as the men’s.

9). Where do you get all your music? Who’s been on repeat lately?
Before, I used to get everything on vinyl. Then everything went digital. Now, I just stream everything online such as Pandora, Imeem, and YouTube. Recently, I’ve been listening to some Island and classic Reggae such as Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and UB40. It’s relaxing and it feels good to take a break from Hip-hop and club "bangers" after a while.

10). How can we find you?
Twitter & Facebook