www.walmart.com/pampers Pampers Extra Protection Gives Me Headaches

Pampers and Walmart have teamed up for a co-marketing campaign to promote diapers designed for sleeping babies.  I know nothing of how well the diapers work, but the twinkling stars in the ad caused me to have a severe headache in a matter of seconds gta online download kostenlos deutsch.

The high contrast yellow on blue combined with the rapid flashing gave me the same type of headache I get from high speed strobes, or watching movies in “REEL 3D”.  It makes me wonder how many parents will go in to epileptic seizures when seeing this flash ad herunterladen.

It appears that if you are on a MAC the twinkling is much slower than on a PC.  And the slower your computer the slower the twinkling.  LIkely the designer was either working on a Mac or a Slower PC, which made the effect tolerable fifa 20 xbox one herunterladen.

www.walmart.com/pampers Pampers Extra Protection

If you are looking for Pampers Extra Protection, They are available here for about $0.44 a diaper.  A much better deal than Walmart and they are delivered to your door raft download for free.