Drugs, Sex, and Politics: Just a Day in the Life of ZillionTV’s Mitch Berman

When a start up is getting started it is common for the founder to call the guys he worked with at other companies and invite them to come work with him. Roku has a lot of Akimbo guys. Microsoft Media Room had a lot of Akimbo guys. It’s just the nature of things. What is a bit less typical is to work at a company on an advisory board and then hire two of the people (Ben Silva and Matt McKee) that company was suing for events leading to its bankruptcy and facing federal charges from the SEC for insider trading Minecraft full version free download mac.

“There are a lot of analogies between what President Obama is doing and what I am trying to do here.”

– Mitch Berman in an interview for Forbes Magazine/sramanamitra.com


Mitch Berman Mitch Berman however is loyal to a fault. Not only did he hire Ben Silva despite his former employer’s allegations, but according to a former ZillionTV employee, he lied to police during an investigation of Ben’s sexual misconduct with a Zillion TV employee oude labels.

According to a police document obtained by XYHD.tv Ben Silva’s wife told police that Ben had gone to the female employee’s house and masturbated to porn on the ZillionTV service.

After Police called Mitch in for an interview about how ZillionTV was handling the incident. Mitch told them that he was aware of the incident and that the victim/employee was receiving support from Zillion TV and its outsourced HR company AccuStart, and that Ben Silva had been fired for the the sexual misconduct and his meth use herunterladen. Mitch had supposedly checked Ben Silva in to a rehab facility around the same time. He said, Ben was sent to Ohio Treatment Center which was the best option for them at the moment.

AccuStart lists amongst its customers Telairity which hired  Ben Silva in June of this year zehnfingersystem lernprogramm kostenlos downloaden.

Mitch and Ben aren’t particularly known for their Honesty.

Ben Silva claims to have received 7 Emmy Awards, and 7 Clio Awards, but has no IMDB record. Nowhere on the web is any mention of him being awarded even one Emmy that wasn’t a bio he provided seven seas solitaire kostenlos downloaden. (James L. Brooks has won 19, Runner up is Cloris Leachman with 8, and then Ed Anser is tied Ben at 7).

In several press announcements ZillionTV has named Equity Partners or investors including Warner Bros, Sony, NBC Universal, Fox, and Disney. Publicly traded companies have to disclose their investments in share holder reports. No share holder report from Disney includes mention of an investment in ZillionTV musik von youtube auf iphoneen.

Mitch Berman claims to have helped create E! Entertainment. Granted “helped” is pretty nebulous. I participated in the standardization of and voted for the ratification of VC1 which is a core technology of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. I don’t claim I helped create Blu-Ray. Mitch joined MovieTime in 1989 three years after MovieTime was founded. In most cases to argue you are the creator of something you have to be there BEFORE the product launches eingebettete filme downloaden.

Despite what Berman told Police about firing Ben Silva, Ben has been seen at conferences wearing a Zillion Badge, has participated in conference calls, and represented himself as a Zillion Employee to potential investors and partners of Zillion TV.

Mitch has attempted to portray me as a disgruntled employee, actually I’m rooting for ZillionTV, but ZillionTV has fired every bit of “all star” talent they had herunterladen. Of the people listed in this press release of the team, only Catalano and Berman remain.

ZillionTV is an interesting idea. That’s why I joined the company in the first place. But a company can’t succeed built on a foundation of half truths, lies, and deceit whatsapp android kostenlos downloaden ohne google. I don’t think Obama would approve.


“What President Obama has done in attempting to change the world is the same kind of spirit that has been infused into the foundation of ZillionTV.”

– Mitch Berman via sramanamitra.com


Disclaimer: The name of the victimized employee has been with held from this article to respect her privacy. All information contained in this article was obtained from sources after my exit from ZillionTV.  Portions of the Police report I obtained have been forwarded to other press organizations for verification internetradioen.


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